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Volume 5, Issue 7

An Exploration of the English Translation of Book of Poetry from the Perspective of Onomatopoeia Iconicity: A Case Study of Xu Yuanchong’s Translation


Yu Li, Panpan Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0001

Discussion on the Path of Integrating Teachers' Science and Technology Competition with Professional Courses


Yizhe Yang, Jiachen Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0002

Research on the Influence of Mobile Sports APP on College Students' Sports Behavior


Xiangbin Gao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0003

The Influence of Peer Assessment Used in Writing on Students’ Core Competencies


Hui Gao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0004

Research on the Protection of Rights of Minor Athletes in Doping Cases

-- Taking “The Valieva Case” in the Beijing Winter Olympics as an Example


Ying Hu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0005

Research on Innovation Ecosystem and Industrial Development of Technology Standardization under the Background of Digital Intelligent Manufacturing


Liangtao Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0006

The Exploration and Practice of Ideological and Political Education in Higher Education English Teaching

-- Taking the Textbook "Integrated English 1" for English Major as an Example


Shengwei Lai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0007

On the Innovative Path of News Communication Talent Training under the Background of New Media


Zizhuo Ning

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0008

The Growth of Sister Carrie from the Perspective of Naturalism



Yilan Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0009

Research and Practice of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Training System in Local Colleges and Universities under the Background of Intelligent Era



Dongqing Wu, Pengfei Guo and Chaolong Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0010

Investment Decision under Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions

-- Taking Real Estate Industry


Tingting Han

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0011

On Eileen Chang's Chinese Cultural Ontological Self- translation, Take Her Self- translated Novel The Golden Cangue as An Example


Yifan Wang, Cui Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0012

The Guidance Strategy of Group Counseling to the Occupational Values of Contemporary Female Liberal Arts Graduate Students


Rui Zhang, Jianzhan Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0013

The Enlightenment of "Integration of Teaching and Doing" to the Development of Basic Education

-- An Investigation Based on the Perspective of Body Use



Chunling Yin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0014

A Preliminary Exploration of Motivation in EFL Setting



Juan Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0015

On College English Teachers’ Basic Skills of Classroom Teaching and Evaluation and the Promotion Strategies


Yunhua Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0016

Analysis of Factors Influencing the Number of Students in Colleges and Universities in China Based on OLS Method


Zhiyi Tian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0017

Protection and Planning of Traditional Clan Architecture: A Case Study of Pingshan Heritage Trail in Yuen Long District, Hong Kong


Anan Qu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0018

Study on Cross-border Communication of National Traditional Sports Culture from the View of International Communication



Chaohe Chen, Xianqiong Ding, Lihong Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0019

The Need and Methodology of "Mutual Cultural Education" in Korean Language Teaching in China


Lujia Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0020

From the Perspectives of Syntactic and Analytic to Analyse Biancheng

-- Taking Shen Congwen’s Biancheng and Yang Xianyi and Dai Naidie’s Translated Version and Jeffrey C. Kinkley’s Translated Version for Example


Yaqi Xiong, Na Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0021

Artificial Intelligence Speech Naturalness Evaluation and Improvement Strategies


Lingcong Zhang, Mingge Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0022

Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Wushu Dan System in primary schools in Gulou District of Nanjing



Xinlei Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0023

Extended family and Tribal-Consanguineous State: Lawrence Krader on the social history of central Asia


Hongshan Lv

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0024

The Value of Freedom Virtue for Science and Technology Ethics towards Post-human Society: Wang Jinkang's Science Fiction as an Example


Le Song, Wenqing Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0025

Research Progress of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome



Han Wu, Xinchun Xiao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0026

The Infinite and Limited Combination pf Time and Space in "For Whom The Bell Tolls"



Hongqi Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0027

Evaluation of Education Quality in Higher Vocational Colleges: A 2016-2021 Research Review


Zhouqin Tan, Yong Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0028

A Brief Analysis on the Cultivation of Table Tennis Teaching Ability of Physical Education Major Students


Mi Duan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0029

Research on the Value Advantages and Application Countermeasures of Animation Image in Commercial Brand Promotion


Yutuo Fei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0030

The Role and Practice Path of the Great Spirit of Fighting Against the Epidemic in the Cultivation and Practice of Socialist Core Values By College Students



Zhiguang Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0031

Research on the Teaching Reform and Application of University Financial Sharing Course Based on ADDIE Model


Yu Su, Hang Liao, Yuping Yuan, Ge Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0032





A Study of Novel Translation from the Perspective of Cultural Classification

-- A Case Study of English Translation of Wolf Totem



Yaling Jiang, Jiahui Yan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0034

Analysis on the Innovative Path of College Students' Ideological and Political Theory Education in the Era of Integrating Media


Jing Chang, Chaoqi Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0035






Curriculum System Reform Based on Industry-university-research Project



Ming Lu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0037

Analysis of Translator’s Subjectivity from the Perspective of Translation Semiotics

-- Comparative Analysis of the Translation of The Peony Pavilion as An Example


Fangxia Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0038

Understanding and Thinking on Marxist Ecology View


Bihan Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0039

Research Focus And Development Trend Of Picture Book Education For Children

-- Knowledge Mapping Analysis Based On Related Literature From 2006 To 2019


Zhaoyu Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0040

Study on the Architectural CAD Teaching Reform in Polytechnic College Based on the Background of the Skills Competition



Xiaojia Ji

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0041

Research on Classroom Interactive Incrementary Teachers' Classroom Interaction in China



Dongchen Du, Fan Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0042

The Effect of College Students' Learning Motivation on Online Learning Intention


Lin Lu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0043

Research on Scaffolding Teaching Design of Scratch for the Cultivation of Computational Thinking in Primary School

-- Taking the Game Design of Penguin Skiing as An Example



Yuan Li, Niu Tao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0044

The Implications of Women Empowerment in Beauty Products Advertising



Jiahui Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0045

A Research on the Content Validity of the High School Achievement Test Based on the China’s Standards of English Language Ability


Qinxuan Li, Hongrui Li, Kangzhou Peng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0046

On the Innovation of Ideological and Political Education Methods of College Counselors in the Era of Network Media


Zhaojing Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0047

The Ideological and Political Path Selection of College English Course under Mixed Teaching Mode



Congyao Cai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0048

Research on the Content Validity of the High School Achievement Test Based on the English Curriculum Standards



Hongrui Li, Kangzhou Peng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0049

English Translation Analysis of Linguistic Landscape of Laoshan Scenic Spot in Qingdao from the Perspective of Ecological Translation



Qingqing Liu, Qu Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0050

Does Compulsory Licensing Mechanism Facilitate the Supply and Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines?

-- A Critical Analysis of Article 31 And 31bis


Jiaming Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0051

The Contradictions and Pathways of After-school Services under China's "Double Reduction" Policy



Chenyi Ruan, Zhuoyi Cheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0052

The Relationship of Cultural Identity, Perceived Cultural Distance and Socio-Cultural Adaptation



Xinli Xu, Xia Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0053

Research on the Current Situation and Promotion Strategies of Normal Students' Informatization Teaching Ability Training


Wenqi Yu, Mingyuan Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0054

Study on the English Translation of Traditional Practical Handicrafts in Guangxi


Fanxu Meng, Shihan Lu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0055

On the Adequacy of the Protection of Consumer Rights in the English Legal System



Zhuoyan Wei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0056

Research on the Strategy for the Cultivation of Middle School Students’ Mathematical Problem Posing Ability


Wenqi Yu, Mingyuan Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0057

How Does American Domestic Politics Influence Its Foreign Policy? - Economic Policy, Aid and the Transatlantic Relations


Shuyan Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0058

Study on the English Translation of Guangxi Ethnic Costumes and Handicrafts


Fanxu Meng, Wenxin She

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0059

Promotion of Chinese Reading Comprehension by the Matching of Music Background


Hui Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0060

Lexical Chunks and Teaching of College English Writing



Yuyuan Huang, Xiaohong Ren

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0061

The Value and Path of Introducing Local Music Resources Into University Music Education


Man Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0062

Research on the Translation of Romantic Description in Ancient Book Selected Poems of Li Bai Based on Hermeneutics


Jia Ni, Chao Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0063

How Should Traditional Chinese Medicine Attract Overseas Students


Zhaowen Li, Yingying Tan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0064

Research on the Translation Practice Competence Under the Background of Professional Accreditation

-- A Case Study of Undergraduates Majoring in English Translation in Mudanjiang Normal University


Xue Han

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0065

Research on the Optimization Strategy of Yueyang Waterfront Space from the Perspective of "Double City Repair."


Siyue Yang, Lili Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0066

Discussions on Laws and Regulations of Online Games Management in China


Yingyin Hu, Chang Liu, Jianfeng Chen, Zhanzhan Fan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0067

On Subtitle Translation of Movies Under Eco-translatology

-- A Case Study of E-C Translation of My Brilliant Career


Jiaming Wang, Zhulin Han

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0068

Research on Co-existing Relationship of Power and Language in Police Caution from the Perspective of Critical Discourse Analysis

-- A Case Study of U.S. Miranda Warning


Zilong Han

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0069

Research on Vocabulary Errors in English Writing of English Majors and Its Inspirations of English Teaching


He Peng, Qi Lou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0070

Music Education and the Growth of Students


Kexuan Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0071

On the Path of Promoting Children's Welfare Through Family Education under the Background of "Double Reduction of Education"


Ziqiong Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0072

Research on the Design of Distinctive Tourism Cultural and Creative Products Based on Regional Culture


Qi Zhang, Danwen Qiao, Shuang Yang, Zihang Meng, He Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0073

Analysis of Youmei Xiao's Art Song 'Ask'


Yang Yue

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0074

Foshan Binhe Landscape Park under the Study of Greenway Visual Space Attraction Mode


Qinglin Wen, Jianfeng Yuan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0075

Research on the Influence of Talent Management on Organization from a Digital Perspective


Sunan Shao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0076

The First City in Shandong Province to Build a "National Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone for Traditional Chinese Medicine", An Empirical Study on the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Medical Insurance Reform as the Center in Weihai


Guijie Wang, Mingxuan Han, Lu Chen, Shuyuan Song, Dexin Shi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0077

Research on the Effect of the Belt and Road Initiative on Trade

-- An Empirical Analysis Based on the Difference-in-differences Method


Shuxuan Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0078

A Diachronic Study of German Media's Reports on China's Anti-epidemic Report

-- Take the Online Editions of Die Zeit and Bild as Examples


Yiyang Hu, Jing Sun, Yuxin Peng, Qixuan Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0079

Research on the Path of Rural Information Poverty Alleviation under the Background of "Information Service"


Zhuorui Wang, Jinghua Kong, Bingjie Suo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0080

Differences between Urban and Rural Preschool English Education and countermeasures: A Case study of Xuzhou city


Yuqing Zhao, Guifang Yan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0081

Study of the Spread and Influence of the Allusions of Meng Qiu in Japan

-- Take the Story of Sun Kang and Che Yin Studying Hard as an example


Yuanyuan Ren, Hongyan Yu and Yanlin Wei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0082

Irrational Expression and Channelling of Public Opinion on the Internet in the New Media Era


Hanyue Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0083

Practice and Reflection on the Application of the Stick Figures in Chinese International Education Lessons


Sitong Meng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0084

The Study Commissary for Curriculum Construction in Chinese Universities


Xiaofan Gu, Tianzhu Gu, Yu Liu, Xu Cai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0085

Empirical Analysis of EOQ Procurement Model Based on AHP-entropy Weight Classification Management


Taihelong Zeng, Zhongbao Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0086

Research on the Training Mode of Local Teachers for MTCSOL

-- A Case Study of the Training of Vietnamese Graduate Students in The School of International Education of Wenzhou University


Haiqiang Tu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0087

A Brief Talk About the Mathematical Problems of Trigonometric Functions in the National College Entrance Examination

-- Based on the Last Ten Years of NCEE Math Paper I


Yan Zhao, Xueting Gao, Zhiyuan Wu, Zhiheng Zhang, Yuanyuan Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0088

Research on the Working Method of Private University Counselors under the Perspective of "Three Comprehensive Education"


Xiaofan Wang, Rong Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0089

Application of Clinical Cases Combined with Students' Standardized Patients in the Teaching of Intravenous Infusion Skills


Xiaochun Zou, Yaqin Liang, Chen Lu, Guojin Deng, Xiaojia Wen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0090

Based on McLoughlin Interaction Model to Explore the Feasibility of "Combining Villages and Living Together"

-- A Case Study of Fuping County, Baoding City


Tianxiao Wang, Qing Zhang, Shengkun Wang, Miaomiao Liu, Xinyan Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0091

The Semantic Changes of “Fen”(Fan) and the Construction Mechanism of “X Fen(Fan)”


Haiqiang Tu, Yingying Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0092

Analysis of the Importance of Learning Ethnic Music for Secondary Vocational Students

-- Take Nanning Fourth Vocational and Technical School as An Example


Chuan Shi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0093

Transformational Leadership, Teacher Organizational Citizenship Behavior Research on the Relationship with Teachers' Self-efficacy


Yupeng Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0094

Investigation and Analysis on the Current Situation of Football Development in Guangzhou Maritime College


Weizhou Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0095

Research on Vaccine Distribution in COVID-19 under Vaccine Nationalism


Yongmao Ma

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0096

Study on the Neologisms of “Zhai” from the Perspective of Relevance Theory


Haiqiang Tu, Liumian Qin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0097

Look at Shadow Education from the Perspective of Family Capital


Mingqiu Cai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0098

Research on Audit Index System of "Special Bonds + PPP" Based on FAHP


Qianru Fang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0099

Research on Safety Education of Female College Students Based on New Media Platform



Xinyue Huang, Huarui Deng, Yuqi Liao and Lingyu Long

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0100

Research on the Improvement of English Teaching Efficiency Based on Cognitive Load Theory


Xiaohui Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0101

Translation Strategy Study of Petroleum Industry


Lingyan Hou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0102

A Study on the Subtitle Translation of Dialect in the Film Love Myth from the Perspective of Eco-translatology


Teng Tian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0103

Study on the Development Path of Rural Sports under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization


Xiao Zhang, Jianhui Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0104

Evaluate Higher Education Systems By Principal Component Analysis and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation


Xuyan Wang, Runtao Yang, Shuyu Lai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0105

Research on The Online Learning Effect of College Students Based on Student Experience


Xiaohan Wu, Hefan Sun, Jiawen Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0106

On Translation Methods of Figures of Speech in English for Science and Technology


Teng Tian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0107

Investigation on Health Consciousness and Sports Behavior of College Students in Post-epidemic Era


Xiao Zhang, Jianhui Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0108

The Unique Value, Functional Positioning and Growth Reflection of Community Foundations under The Prevention and Control of The COVID-19



Xunhua Wang and Lei Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0109

Challenges and Development of Chinese Commercial Arbitration in The Context of COVID-19 Pandemic



Huaer Cheng, Junya Lian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0110

New Media Marketing Strategy for Honey Snow Ice City


Liuqing Yang, Rui Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0111

Analysis of the Current Situation of Physical Exercise and Response Strategies for Master's Students in Schools

-- Sichuan University of Science and Engineering as an Example


Qin Zhang, Bo Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0112

A Case Study of Chinese Novice Teachers’ Agency in the Context of International Schools in Mainland China


Su Tian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0113

The Mission of Young People in Rural Revitalization in the New Era and New Journey



Lishan Xu, Li Dai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0114

A Phenomenological Study on the Problem of Choosing Foreign Language Subjects in Gaokao in China



Qi Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0115

Research on the Effect of School Physical Education on Cultivating Adolescent Health Literacy


Hao Cheng, Jianhui Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0116

Analysis of Value Assessment of Pledge Financing of New Plant Variety Rights


Linqi Li, Yabin Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0117

Analyzing Floating Children in China Through Community Cultural Capital Lens


Xiaoyan Shen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0118

Pharmacological Action and Clinical Application of Commonly Used



Junxiang Li, Hongxia Li, Shuhua Ding

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202207_5(7).0119

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