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Volume 5, Issue 2

Research on the Teaching Reform of "Student-Centered" Practical Course


Na Li, Ting Jia, Ying Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0001

Three Major Assertions in the Communist Manifesto and Their Contemporary Value


Zhifei Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0002

The Review of Myanmar's Educational Reforms Base on the NLD Government Major Education Policies


Xinyuan Tie

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0003

Teaching Research of STM32 MCU Course under "New Engineering"


Ting Jia, Na Li, Ying Liu, Yifan Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0004

Individual Thoughts of Contemporary Nationalism


Fei Xing

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0005

Study of Verbal Humor in Modern Family from the Perspective of Cooperative Principle


Cong Li, Ning Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0006

The Construction and Implementation of Integrating Ideological and Political Elements Into Classroom Teaching

-- Take STM32 MCU Course as An Example


Wenjing Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0007

Research on Multi-source Data Fusion Technology for University Scientific Research Management


Shuqin Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0008

Research on Teaching Reform of “Motor Design"



Hongxia Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0009

SWOT Analysis on the Training of Elite Reserve Athletes in Chinese Sports Schools



Jinghao Sui

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0010

Construction and Application of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum System from the Perspective of Educational Ecology


Ninggui Duan, Hong Lu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0011

Research on the Improvement and Refining of the Bachelor Curriculum of Chinese Calligraphy in Colleges and Universities


Kepeng Fang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0012

Simple Analysis of World Suicide Rate with Python


Zheng Ma, Baorong Zhong

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0013

The Impact of Local Government Investment on Resource Mismatch

-- From the Perspective of Panel Threshold Regression



Fuxian Ning

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0014

Building a Community with Shared Future for Mankind is China’s Proposition to Promote the New Economic Globalization



Wei Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0015

Changes and Challenges

-- Problems and Countermeasures Facing Journalism Today


Weilu Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0016

Discussion on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Students’ Aesthetic Education in Higher Vocational Colleges


Chunhui Cao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0017

A Review of Academic Satisfaction Based on Knowledge Mapping Analysis


Qi Tian, Siti Maziha Mustapha, Pavani Malaa Meganathan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0018

Research on Effect of Ideological and Political Education into English Reading Courses

-- Taking a Class in MOOC as an Example



Haihong Xie and Qu Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0019

Based on the Thinking of Adopting New Teaching Methods for the Sketch Module in the Abstract Art Language Course of the Painting Major of Chinese Colleges and Universities in the New Era


Dong Shuai, Karthiyaini Devarajoo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0020

The Significance of Chinese Ancient Poetry Translations in the Humanities Education: A Case Study on Literature Courses for International Stuedents at USST


Mo Zhai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0021

Application and Effect of Realia and Virtual Simulation in Molds of Plastics Processing Course


Haoran An, Shuang Liang, Ruolin Wang and Zhanying Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0022

The construction of Chinese Virtual Learning Community in ZOOM: Based on the Teacher-student Interaction



Shuwei Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0023

Analysis on Employment Quality of Social Sports Specialty in Higher Vocational College

-- Based on Cases in Chongqing City Management College


Yong Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0024

Factor Analysis and Solutions That Affect Student Communication at Home and Abroad


Da Bao, Peitong Cheng, Weixin Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0025

Analysis on the Construction of Governance System and Governance Ability in Higher Vocational Colleges



Meng Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0026

On the Features of Intelligence Legislation in the United States, Britain and Russia and Its Enlightenment to China



Youcheng Yang, Zihan Lu, Hongbo Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0027

The Value of Self-media in the Context of Dialects for Local Development


Leyin Chen, Ziyu Pang, Chenglin Liao, Xinyi Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0028

Relying on Social Media to Improve White Pollution in Schools

-- Take WeChat Mini Programs as an Example


Ruijie Yang, Yanwen Li, Shiji Jin, Juan Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0029

The Influence of Parents' Marriage Relationship on the Positive Psychological Capital of College Students

-- The Mediating Role of Life Satisfaction


Fengxuan Zheng, Shuyue Yin, Meijing Kong, Qingyi Cai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0030

Application of New Media Technology in Education Teaching and School Management



Siyuan Yin, Xiaosheng Yin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0031

An Analysis of the Frog Totem Worship Culture Reflected in Guangxi Internet Literature

-- Take "Frog Festival", "Looping Rain, Frog Sounds, and Rice Dumplings" as examples


Wenrui Xu, Fuyou, Luo, Siyi Wei, Shiyi Qiu, Chunhui Ou, Jie Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0032

Effect Analysis and Optimization Path of College Students' MOOC Learning

-- A Case Study of Jiangsu University


Wei Ge, Hongyu Fan, Yunhao Guo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0033

On the Combination of Marxism and Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture



Aimei Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0034

Research on the Optimization Method of "Finance + Chinese Education" Talent Training Model Based on the Comparison of Five Schools


Ziyu Liu, Rong Hu, Dan Xu, Chenchen Jin, Yi Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0035

Niu and the Construction of National Image in the Pre-Qin Dynasty



Rong Ding, Wenhua Chen, Juan Chen, Dongxue Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0036

"Between Peace and War"

-- A Traditional Security Perspective of International Crisis and Its Mana Gement



Haoyu Tan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0037

Research on the Strengthening Path of Chinese Residents’ Charitable Donation Willingness

-- Theoretical Model Based on the Microcirculation of Charity Resources


Jiangshan Chen, Haitao Wei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0038

Research on Translation Skills of Online Literature and Cultivation of Translation Talents


Yuancai Wei, Jiaqi Wen, Jindouzi Huang, Shanshan Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0039

A Business Model of Paid Audio Question-and-answer Platform in China

-- A Case Study of Fenda


Ming Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0040

A Corpus-based Study: A Stylistic Analysis of English Translation of the Articles of Civil Code of the People’s Republic of China Involve Intellectual Property



Can Yang, Ziyi Zhao, Ran Zhuo, Chuhan Zhang, Qianru Zhang, Xiaowen Ji

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0041

Curriculum Design and Practice of Financial Analysis Based on Cdio-obe Education Concept



Zhen Di

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0042

The Reflection of Determinism in Dreiser’s Novels-Based on An American Tragedy


Xiaoming Hu, Chenyu Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0043

The Application of Poetry in the Teaching of History in Junior High School

-- Take the Chinese Eighth-grade Book as An Example



Yanan Qu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0044

Study on the Party's Ideological and Political Education Methods in Yan 'an Period



Junbang Yao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0045

Analysis the Influence of the Development of Information Technology on Education


Handong Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0046

The Role of College Students' Professional Innovation Competition in Improving Their Comprehensive Quality


Hongquan Liu, Xingyu Fang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0047

Research on the Creation of Illustrations on the Theme of Social Phenomenon

-- Taking "Appearance Anxiety" as an Example



Shuang Wang, Tianshu Bai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0048

Application of Case Teaching in the Construction of Curriculum Ideology and Politics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education



Lubin Zhou, Hong Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0049

Analysis of the Concept of "Aesthetic Disinterest" British Empiricism in Eighteenth-Century



Delin Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0050

The Application of Educational Games in Teaching IT Programming in Elementary School


Qian Luo, Mengyu Liu and Danqing Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0051

Research on the Teaching of Construction Engineering Data Management Courses



Jianhua Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0052

The Construction and Modification of Preschool Teacher Training Efficacy Evaluation Model in China



Huanhuan Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0053

The Problems and Optimization Path of Government Cloud Platform Construction


Yu Dan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0054

Unbalanced Governance Theory: Content, Practice and Development Trend


Shaoquan Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0055

Investigate "Mutual Care for Old-age" Mode in Rural Areas Based on Population Aging



Huifang Ma, Yan Fang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0056

A Review Paper on Body Specificity Hypothesis and Its Testbeds


Yunjia Jia, Yuxuan Li, Fengyue Liu, Gaolexin Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0057

The Influence of Teacher’s Repetition of Teaching Materials on Second Language Learning


Yuanjie Sheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0058

How Do Online Learning Experiences Affect Chinese International Students’ Perception on Learning?


Sifan Ye, Mengyi Zhang, Lexin Chen, Weiqing Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0059

Influencing Factors of Chinese Families’ Fertility Desire under the Third-child Policy



Chenming Yan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0060

On the Application of Data Information Management in Communication and Internet Technology



Shirui Zhang, Yiwen Shi and Sentai An

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0061

Construction of Innovative Thinking Curriculum System of Art Design Specialty Based on the Whole Process of Talent Training


Yi Kang, Chao Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0062

Online and Offline Mixed English Teaching Practice Based on Multimedia Technology


Yinhua Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0063

Research on Precise Demand Forecast of New Retail Based on Principal Component Analysis Model


Haobo Zhang, Hanshuo Song, Lingyun Song

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0064

To Explore the Relation between Language and Thought through Pirahã, an Indigenous South American Language


Zhongyang Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0065

Learning from and Breaking Through: The Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Sino-foreign Cooperation in Higher Education


Zhirong Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0066

Analysis of the Status Quo of College Freshman Enrollment Education and Countermeasures


Meng Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0067

On the Textual Cognitive Function of Lexical Cohesion and its Implication to College English Reading Instruction


Jiawen Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0068

University Teachers' Scientific Research Performance Appraisal Method for Quantitative Assessment


Junjing Su

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0069

Food Choices and Preferences of College Students


Zhuoyi Deng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0070

Research on the Effective Connection Between Rural Talent Revitalization and Poverty Alleviation


Xiang Ao, Gaoyuan Yang, Yue Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0071

A Review of Interlanguage Domestic Studies Over the Past Ten Years Based on the CNKI Database: Introduction, Hot Spots and Frontiers


Tianbo Yu, Kaiyuan Dai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0072

Research on Classroom Questioning Strategies in Primary Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language


Cheng Jie

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0073

Reform and Teaching Research of Classical Chinese in Chinese Textbooks Compiled by the Ministry of Education: Take Grades 7 and 8 as An Example


Qiuyu Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0074

SWOT Analysis of Medical Security Construction for Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou Competition Area


Lifeng Jia, Tao Zhang, Fei Yang, Xin Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0075

A Comparative Analysis of the Feminist Consciousness of the Heroines in Jane Eyre and Bleak House


Fei Gao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0076

Study of Intertextuality in “Meta-painting” of the Ming Dynasty


Chenglong Sui

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0077

Tracing and Inheriting: The Lasting Sports Culture of Tusi in Southwest Hubei


Guohua Lu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0078

Contested Memories: An Analysis of the Washington Monument and Vietnam Veterans Memorial


He Du

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0079

The Research and Practice of Mixed Teaching in Design Courses under the Concept of "New Five Senses"


Chiming Tang, Yi Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0080

Research on Public Art Based on the Integration of Aesthetics and Function

-- Taking the Ceramic Culture Square of Jingdezhen Ceramic University as an Example


Xiaohan Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0081

Analysis of Reception Aesthetics Based on Two Translations of Peanuts


Huijie Wei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0082

Discussing on the Problems and Countermeasures of Urban Public Space Landscape Ecological Design


Yunfei Ren

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0083

On Reform and Practice of Advanced Mathematics Teaching for International Students


Xinchen Zhang, Li Liu, Mingjun Song, Su Yuan, Yijia Li, Ruixue Tao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0084

Can Literature Enhance People’s Morality?

-- The Analysis of Literary Functions


Qian Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0085

Research on the Design of Condiment Bottle for Solitary Youth Based on Positive Emotional Experience


Yue Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0086

The Application of Analysis of Value Chain of Management Accounting in the Mode of Value Co-creation of the University


Rong Zhang, Nyuk Sang Chin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0087

An Exploratory Study on Cardiovascular Terminology from the Perspective of Construal Theory


Guihua Luo and Jing Zeng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0088

Research on the Reflection and Rehabilitation of Commemorative Space Design

-- A Case Study of the Martyrs Cemetery of Huxi Revolution in Shan County


Lili Ma

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0089

A Preliminary Study on the Problem of Controlling Dropout and Protecting Learning of Dai Junior Middle School Students in Xishuangbanna


Wangwei Lian

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0090

The Economic Value of Henan Traditional Culture and Art Industry


Xing Ming

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0091

Application of Miao Silver Ornament Elements in Modern Ceramic Jewelry Design


Xiaoqing Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0092

Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Hydraulic Structure in Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Major


Zhiqiang Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0093

How Much Impact Does the COVID-19 Epidemic Have on the Third-grade Students in Senior High School?

-- A Comparative Study of Senior Students from China and the United States


Sixian Yu, Xinyue Ouyang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0094

Research on Innovation and Development Path of Fuli Clay Pottery


Hang Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0095

A Machine Learning Based on the Impacts of COVID-19 on Indian Stock Market


Yuankai Zhu, Kailong Miao, Chenyu Wang, Di Wang, Yifan Wei and Ningxin Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0096

Intervention Effect of Micro-class Education Combined with Midwives Psychological Nursing on Postpartum Depression Patients


Chang Sun, Zhangbo Xiao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0097

Brief Introduction of the Knowledge and Thinking of Medical Professional Ethics


Runyi Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0098

On the Problem of Educational Punishment


Wenwen Song, Xuezhe Yuan, Mei Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0099

Research on Police Terminology in British and American Films


Silu Liu, Zhenghui Wang, Yutian Qian, Chenchen Tang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202202_5(2).0100

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