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Volume 5, Issue 4

Reflections on Setting of the "Four Histories" Courses in Normal Colleges and Universities


Fang Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0001

Exploration and Practice of Mechanical Innovation and Entrepreneurial Talents in Chinese Local Colleges and Universities under Modern Industrial Form


Yong Zhou, Yan Zhang, Hualin Zhou, Jing Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0002

The Improvement Measures of the Attachment Status of Left-behind Children


Lin Liu, Yong Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0003

Research on the Cooling-off Period System of Divorce with Chinese Characteristics


Zitong Feng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0004

On the Cultivation of Students' Intercultural Communication Competence in College English Teaching


Bingjie Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0005

Study on the Global Geographical Distribution Characteristics of Medals in Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games


Haicheng Feng, Qingkun Feng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0006

Research on the Activation Path of Offline Flip-mix First-class Undergraduate Courses


Yanfeng Gao, Xiaoyu Hu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0007

Research on the Challenges Brought by the Development of Digital Currency


Xinyu Liang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0008

Academic English Hybrid Teaching System Construction



Yanju Jin, Xin Lv

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0009

Exploration on Flexible Management Mode of Classes in Universities



Hongyun Xiao, Si Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0010

Hegel's View of Truth Based on the Abstract Spirit


Cailian Shu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0011

Exploration on the Ways of Promoting the Construction of Study Style by Room Style Construction in Universities


Hongyun Xiao, Si Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0012

The Concept of "Video Games" and the Significance of Their Classification in Copyright Law


Yanbing Xu, Guoyun Shu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0013

On the Application of Color in Lighting Design



Tao Chen, Jing Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0014

A Trial Discussion of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body's Review Criteria for the National Security Exception



Yi Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0015

The Translation and Research of A Lai in the US


Jing Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0016

Interest, Conflict and Coordination: An Analysis of Stakeholders in the Reform of College English Education for Specific Purposes


Han Chu, Xiaoling Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0017

The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Production - Oriented Foreign Trade Enterprises Developing Cross-border E-commerce


Mingyang Ni

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0018

Analysis of the Legal System of De Facto Marriage



Yueting Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0019

Study on the Difficulty Evaluation of English Reading Text Based on Entropy-Topsis Model


Hongxia Ye, Feifei Li, Xing Wang, Junjie Tao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0020

Preliminary study on the Integration Education of Puppet Art and Preschool Aesthetic Education in Zi Zhong


Xie Hao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0021

High Quality Development Path of Manufacturing Industry in Yangtze River Delta under the Background of Global Value Chain Digitization


Shujia Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0022

On the Protection of Victims' Rights and Interests in Civil-Criminal Cross Cases



Yuke Dan, Hang Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0023

Cisco's Acquisition Strategy Analysis


Qinyun Peng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0024

Educational Majors Talk about Teachers' Terms of Interest in Chinese Talent Classroom Effects ︎


Wanyin︎ Hao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0025

Analysis of Plato's "Concept of Good"



Pengfei Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0026

Research on the Second Classroom Education Strategy in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Career Planning "Everyone Is Brilliant"



Rong Xu, Zhengqiu Weng, Bing Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0027

Analysis of Human Resource Management in Public Sector from the Perspective of New Public Management


Zhengyang Fang, Chao Meng, Dongli Peng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0028

Study of Domestication and Foreignization Translation Strategies for English Translation of Chinese Film Titles


Chai Yuan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0029

The New Era Embodiment of the Marxist Concept of the Masses


Chenyu Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0030

Exploration on the Construction of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice Training System for Medical Undergraduates

-- A Case Study of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Jiujiang University School of Medicine



Sisi Ding, Dan Xu, Jiaxun Hao, Yue Hu, Wei Guo, Binjie Xu, Yong Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0031

Variable Selection Based on Kaplan-Meier Estimation and Accelerated Failure Time Model


Yanzhao Zeng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0032

Exploration of Teachers’ Moral Construction for Normal Students in Colleges and Universities in the New Era


Yuding Wang, Lizhu Zhao, Zhaoqi Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0033

Research on the Influence of Teachers' Organizational Support Sense on Work Enthusiasm in Private Colleges and Universities



Hanzhi Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0034

Research on the Influence of Education Expenditure on the Income Gap between Urban and Rural Residents


Juan Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0035

Analysis of Verbal Humor in Two and a Half Men from the Perspective of Cooperative Principle



Chengshu Yao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0036

Curriculum Reform and Practice of Printed Circuit Board Design and Production under the Dual Teaching of School and Enterprise



Xiaohe Yan, Yulin Tong and Haicheng Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0037

The Design and Application of " Connected Learning " in High School IT Teaching


Shuai Zhao, Chunhao Lin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0038

Teaching A Third Culture Kid - Change in Attitude and Readiness to Learn


Xinyi Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0039

On the Transcendence of Hemingway's In Another Country from the Perspective of Existentialism Theory


Bowei Zi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0040

Research on Evaluation of Green Finance Level in Yangtze River Economic Belt Based on Entropy Weight Method



Fengjun Cui, Bo Cai and Jiajun Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0041

Research on the Construction of Online and Offline Mixed College English Clubs



Rui Zhai, Jiaxi Liu, Xiuwen Zhang, Shutao Zhou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0042

The Triple Helix Model of Rural Social Governance System


Fan Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0043

Using Media as a Potent Vehicle of Culture and Language Preservation: A Rhetorical Analysis of Uyghur Tik Tok Videos under the Mandarin Language Policy



Jingyi Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0044

Study on the Cultural Self-efficacy of Chinese College Students in Intercultural Communication



Siyao Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0045

Responsibility of Online Platforms from the Perspective of the Draft Personal Information Protection Law


Erjing Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0046

The Confidentiality Obligation of the Defense of Lawyer’s Vocational Ethics

-- Taking "The Happy Lake Case" as an Example


Qing’ai Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0047

Current Situation and Development Countermeasures of Buddhist Hand Yam Industry in Wuxue City



Zhouchao Xiang, Tao Fu, Meiling Zeng, Zhipeng Ma, Yihan Mao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0048

Models of Culture Shock in Intercultural Communication and Corresponding Countermeasures



Hanying Zong

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0049

Mistakes and Countermeasures in English Translation of Public Signs

-- With Error Correction Activity for Chengdu Universiade as Example



Yuqing Lei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0050

Analysis and Research on the Health of Hebei Youth During the Epidemic Period Based on the Mid - and Long-term Youth Development Plan


Haobo Zhang, Yifei Liu, Deqiang Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0051

‘Borderless Mockery and Satire in "South Park"’



Yi Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0052

The Cultivation of Core Competence of Business Administration Students for the New Liberal Arts Context

-- Taking as an Example of A University



Ying Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0053

Study on the Formation and Application of English Initialisms in the News Headlines Based on the Analysis of China Daily


Xue Bi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0054

The Development Status and Reflection of Chinese Original Picture Books


Xueyin Ai

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0055

On The Reform of Talent Training Mode of Preschool Education Major in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of National Examination of Teacher Qualification Examination

-- A Case Study of A Higher Vocational College in Heyuan



Xiaowen Yuan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0056

Suggestions on the Development of Cross-border E-commerce in China under the Background of RCEP


Jiexuan Zhou, Qiqi Ding

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0057

The Challenge of Online Mathematics Teaching under the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic


Puyuan Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0058

Exploring the Inner Mechanism and Logic of Green Finance to Reshape the Agricultural Value Chain


Yichen Yao, Qingyi Xue, Yaolei Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0059

The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Ideological and Political Courses for English Majors in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Students' Needs



Jiayue Xue, Leqi Xiao, Yitong Yao, Xinyu Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0060

The Projection of the Female Image on Gao Jialin's Dilemma in Freud's "Triple Personality Structure"



Shuyuan Li, Wenjuan Cao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0061

Current Situation and Development Strategy of Guilin Longsheng Red Cultural and Creative Products


Qiaolan Huang, Jintao Pan, Yikai Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0062

Research on Legal Regulation of Face Recognition Technology Application


Lin Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0063

Research on the Current Situation and Development Countermeasures of College Students' Physical Health under the Background of Big Data


Xinyu He, Haoqiang Cui, Mingping Fu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0064

Research on China's Development Achievements in Multilingual Human Translation

-- Take English and Spanish as An Example


Haitong Zhao, Yunlong Jiang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0065

The Concern for TL readers in the Translation of Political Documents from the Perspective of Reader Reception Theory


Fei Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0066

Study on Problems and Countermeasures of Counselors' Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control Work


Yujie Jiao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0067

Comparative Analysis of Attitude Resources in Chinese and American News Reports on 2020 China’s Two Sessions from the Perspective of Appraisal Theory


Lulu Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0068

Research on the Construction of Art Education Teachers in Rural Primary and Secondary Schools in Jilin Province


Le Yin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0069

Study on the Treatment of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation with Far-infrared Magnetic Stickers


Dexin Shi, Lijuan Zhang, Guijie Wang, Xingke Song, Guanyu Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0070

Urban Resilience and Post-pandemic Export Capacity Recovery


Xianjun Wan, Qiao Wang, Shuhui Fan, Shuang Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0071

Theoretical Foundations of Community of Shared Future for Mankind


Zeheng Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0072

Practical Thinking on Media Education in the Informatization Age


Jierui Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0073

To Explore the Effect of PBL Teaching Method on Clinical Interns' Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training


Xuedong Sun, Chunxiao Dong and Yuqi An

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0074

Research on the Cultivation of Mathematics Core Literacy in "Mathematics Wide-angle" Teaching

-- Take the Lesson of "Tree Planting" as An Example


Yanhong Shao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0075

Adhere to the Education of People, Scientifically Promote Physical Education


Xiaoqing Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0076

Review on the Research Progress of Speed Quality Training Method of Hurdle in Track and Field


Yangbo Yu, Xiaozhe Zhang, Zijing Hao, Zheng Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0077

Talking about the Application and Thinking of SAMR Learning Model in Vocational Education


Yuanyuan Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0078

In the Past, It Was Unsightly to Return with Red Beans Read "Red Bean"


Hongyue Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0079

Exploration and Research on Employment Assistance Paths for Poverty Students under the Background of Aid and Education


Xiaona Shi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0080

Tax Science Teaching Related Reform Suggestions


Mingjie Rena, Shuang Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0081

Internal Control Failure Analysis of X Industries Co.


Yuan Gao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0082

Discussion on Female Leadership and Development


Hao Zhang, Janaka low chee kong

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0083

The Relationship Between Children's "Run Ahead" Education and the Academic Achievement Gap

-- Game Theory Based Perspective


Ruiqi Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0084

Research on Economic Responsibility Audit of State-owned Enterprise Leaders under the Environment of Big Data


Ziwei Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0085

A Review of the Research Hotspots and Trends of Digital Education

-- Analysis based on CSSCI (2010-2020) Literature


Mengjie Hou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0086

Research on the Current Situation of the Healthy Growth of Special Youth in China, Dilemma Exploration and Path Thinking

-- Taking H District of Wenzhou City as An Example


Ying Zeng, Weifan Gao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0087

Research on the Characteristics of Leaders in Public Welfare (Type) Social Organizations

-- Take Jet Li of One Foundation as An Example


Hong Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0088

Research on Cultivation Path of Craftsman Spirit of Petroleum Engineering Students


Kaili Liao, Lipei Fu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0089

Assessing Critical Thinking among High School Students: A Systematic Review of Empirical Studies


Xinyi He, Muyi Li, Ke Chen, Sun Yuan Yeow, Xinran Lin

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0090

Review on Research of Policy Innovation and Policy Diffusion


Qian Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0091

Research on the Path of Green Finance Helping the Construction of Ecological Fragile Areas in the Yangtze River Delta

-- Taking the Coal Mining Subsidence Area of Huainan City as an Example


Xiaoying Xu, Bin Zhang and Yan Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0092

The Urban Spatial Structure, Regional Coordinated Development and New Urbanization of the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration


Xiangjun Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0093

Calligraphy Studio Multidimensional Help Environmental Design Professional Talent Training

-- A Case Study of Anhui University of Finance and Economics


Li Sun, Chuan Shi

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0094

The Relationship Between Academic Procrastination and Mobile Phone Addiction Tendency of College Students in the Context of Epidemic Period: the Mediating Effect of Anxiety-Depression-Stress


Ying Wei, Shijin Yu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0095

On the Future Development of Labor Law from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence


Ning An

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0096

Research and Policy Suggestions on the Way of Digital Economy and Helping Rural Revitalization

-- Based on the SWOT--AHP Analysis Method


Peng Zhao, Zihan Guan, Yan Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0097

On Legal Regulations Prohibiting Surrogacy


Wen Si

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0098

Innovations in Information Maintenance in Business Profitability


Wanyin Hao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0099

Thinking on Learning Evaluation Based on Mixed Classroom Teaching in the Information Era



Yuanli Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202204_5(4).0100

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