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Volume 7, Issue 6

The Use of Rules of Thumb in Cases of Sexual Assault of Minors


Chenyu Xing

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0001

Study on the Teaching Model of English-Chinese Translation Course Based on Case Analysis


Chengsheng Yao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0002

Research on Mechanism and Path of Cultivating Innovative Ability of Postgraduate Students in Energy Colleges and Universities


Liudan He, Yujia Chen and Xiaoxue Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0003

Research on the Construction of One-stop Community for Art Universities

-- Taking Sichuan Conservatory of Music as An Example


Zhihao Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0004

The Application of The Scaffold Teaching Method in The "C Language" in The Secondary Vocational School


Mengya Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0005

Navigating Cross-Cultural Challenges in Business English Translation: Strategies for Optimization


Zhibo Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0006

Problems and Countermeasures of Family Education at Primary School Level in the Context of the Family Education Promotion Act


Shaqin Cheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0007

Teaching Design of "Architecture Design" Based on Case Teaching


Yadong Gong

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0008

Exploring the Path to Improve the Legality of University Counselor Work



Ruoxin Guo

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0009

Study of The Application of OBE in College English Teaching, Based on Psychological Characteristics of Contemporary College Students



Jiayu Li, Ruihan Wang, Yimeng Li and Xiaolan Zeng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0010

Study on the Constraints and Countermeasures of Sugar Industry Development in Chongzuo, Guangxi Province


Tiange Dou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0011

Bond Default Analysis Based on Z-score Modeling-take Company W as An Example


Weiting Peng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0012

Evaluation of College English Test (CET) – 6 and the Attainment of the Course Outcomes of the Chinese Students in the Graduate Program


Zhenqing Wang, Neliza B. Cayaban

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0013

How Do Financing Constraints Affect Corporate Innovation?



Wenbo Zou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0014

University Administrators Technology Leadership and Faculty Knowledge on Technology Education



Jianliang Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0015

Research on the Economic Impact of Central Bank Digital Currency


Wenbo Zou

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0016

On an Analysis of Translating Humor for Subtitling in Ice Age from the Perspective of Relevance Theory


Yanhong Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0017

Research on the Impact of Green Bonds on Credit Risk of Urban Commercial Banks

-- Based on the KMV model


Yu Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0018

Research on the Path of Pre-school Children's Mental Health Education from The Perspective of Psychological Capital



Yuhao Shi, Yangsen Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0019

The Value Implications of Distributed Schooling in Higher Vocational Institutions

-- Taking Wenzhou Polytechnic as an Example


Wenwen Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0020

Analysis on Language Features of English Brand Names


Li Feng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0021

The Effects of Interpreting Training on Non-English Majors’ Speaking Anxiety

-- A Case Study


Ling Wei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0022

The Effect of Foreign Language Learning Anxiety on Classroom Climate and Quiz Performance



Liyuan Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0023

Applicability and Reconstruction of Legal Relationships Between Apprentices and Enterprises Under the New Vocational Education Law


Rongrong Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0024

Study on Strategies for Cultivating Intercultural Communication Competence in Junior High School English Reading Instruction.


Qi Yang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0025

Analysis of the Labor Spirit in Ideological and Political Education of College Students and Its Value Paths


Yaqi Zhang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0026

The Application and Research of Situational Teaching Method in Teaching English Vocabulary in Primary Schools


Xixi Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0027

Research on the Application and Influence of Information Technology in The Education Industry


Wangqin Hu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0028

Analysis of the View of English Learning Activities under the Guidance of the Concept of New Curriculum Standards


Kefan Zheng

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0029

Analysis of Language Service Needs in International Ice and Snow Events and Countermeasures: Taking the Asian Winter Games in Heilongjiang Province as an Example


Haiyi Sun

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0030

An Empirical Study on College Students' Psychological Depression Tendency and Its Relieving Ways


Yuxin Long, Zitong Tan, Fangliang Zhu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0031

Practice and Research of AI Assisting Secondary Vocational English Teaching


Shaomin Mei

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0032

Blended Teaching Design and Practice of Comprehensive English Course Based on the Teaching Model of POA+BOPPPS in a Local Applied University

-- Taking Unit Seven ofiEnglish 2 (Advanced)as an Example


Huijuan Ma

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0033

The Dilemma and Optimization of Science Parks related to Vocational Colleges

-- Analysis Based on Research Results from 36 Science and Technology Parks of Chinese Vocational Colleges


Chen Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0034

College English Curriculum Reform and Practice in Mainland China's Institutions of Higher Learning: A Case Study of Hohai University


Yilin Cao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0035

The Improvement and Practice of Programming Ability of Studio Students Under Real Projects



Xiudan Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0036

Practices of Teachers on the Use of Translanguaging Pedagogy Toward a Proposed Instructional Design Framework in Business English



Xiudong Shao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0037

Current Situation and Countermeasures of Psychological Health Education for College Students


Ling Peng, Lijuan Yang, Minjun Chen

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0038

The College Teachers Implementation of Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning in the New Media Classroom Environment: Basis for a Framework for Teacher Effectiveness


E Wang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0039

The Path and Exploration of Meteorological Science Popularization Under the Background of Rural Revitalization


Min Cai, Wenjing Li, Mingwen Pang, Yanbo Huang

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0040

The Mental Health Condition of Chinese Art College Students in China: Basis for Developing a Psychosocial Support framework



Yunjian Wu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0041

Research and Practice of Graduate Student Innovation Ability Training Mode Based on "Blockchain-like" Engineering Practice



Shaochuan Xu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0042

Examining Student Leadership Skills of Students in a Chinese University: Basis for the Student Leadership Development Model


Guoguang Zhao

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0043

Study on The Impact of Family Environment and Childhood Experiences on The Social Behavior of Only Children



Xingxing He

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0044

The Communication Characteristics of meme Culture in Social Media among Adolescent Groups and Its Influence

-- Taking Tik-Tok as an Example


Yibo Dang, Lingxi Zhang, Haotian Liu, Wenjie Guo, Ruixuan Duan, Borui Fan

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0045

Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Farmers' Education Level on Income


Song Liu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0046

Human-technology Game and Nash Equilibrium Solution Under Digital Transformation of Education


Chenglong Li, Hong Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0047

Improvement Research on Chinese International Education Curriculum System in Vocational Colleges under the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative



Qian Xie, Huabin Gao and Qin Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0048

A Practical Study on the Teaching Reform of the Course ‘Product Photography and Image Processing’ Based on the Concept of OBE



Yang Hu

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0049

Explore the Legal Issues of Ecological Protection Lifeline


Dongting Li

DOI: 10.6918/IJOSSER.202406_7(6).0050

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